I dedicate this book to you.

For helping yourself

or someone else,

take the first step in

changing your life.

Does your relationship exhaust you? Are you stressed out and anxious because of it?

Do you feel you’re stuck in your relationship and you can’t get out?

This practical and helpful book explains what a toxic relationship is, and shows you how to leave it, safely.

This life-changing book gives you all the tools you’ll need to recognise which relationships are good for you and which aren’t— and understand why. The Self-Preservation Guide gives you insight into what drives a person to be toxic. It explains why it’s easy to fall into a relationship that can strip your soul bare, and encourages you to find inspiration and courage within yourself to avoid relationships that deplete you.

The Self-Preservation Guide helps you build your confidence, and sets out all the steps you’ll need to follow, to leave your toxic relationship, in a secure and healthy way.

No time to read? It's all on audio.

Download on your phone and start feeling free...


Such a good guide, so practical. Full of sad facts of domestic violence in Australia and how prevalent it is. There's practical advice on how to leave a violent or toxic relationship. This should be your bible if you are feeling vulnerable. A perfect gift for a friend or relative to help empower them to a happier life. Can't recommend this more.

- Anon

A must read for anyone in a toxic relationship.

Well researched guide, great advice, easy to go back and reference with practical steps to leave an abusive or toxic relationship. It's about time there was a book like this.

- Paula

I have just finished reading The Self-Preservation Guide and could not put it down. Kristina has written an incredible "how-to" style guide for ending toxic relationships and has provided so many relevant examples of how some people manipulate and coerce others for their self satisfaction. If you are in a toxic relationship I would highly recommend this book.

- Christine


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DV Connect Women's line: 1800 811 811

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1800 RESPECT: 1800 737 732


Lifeline: 13 11 14

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